Monday, July 26, 2010

The Iron Daughter

author: Julie Kagawa
published: August (or maybe July 27th)
series: The Iron Fey, book 2 of 3
publisher: Harlequin Teen
format: paperback
pages: 359

The following synopsis comes from Julie Kagawa's website.

Half Summer faery princess, half human, Meghan has never fit in anywhere. Deserted by the Winter prince she thought loved her, she is prisoner to the Winter faery queen. As war looms between Summer and Winter, Meghan knows that the real danger comes from the Iron Fey, iron-bound faeries that only she and her absent prince have seen. But no one believes her. Worse, Meghan's own fey powers have been cut off. She's alone in Faery with only her wits for help. Trusting anyone would be foolish. Trusting a seeming traitor could be deadly. But even as she grows a backbone of iron, Meghan can't help but hear the whispers of longing in her all-too-human heart.

My Thoughts:
The Cover:
The cover looks even better in person! I was at my Borders store looking for a book to buy when The Iron Daughter caught my eye. It was sitting there, facing me. It wasn't supposed to be out yet! So, naturally, I immediately grabbed a copy, snapped a picture, and bought it. The cover is really beautiful and I like it more than The Iron King cover. This cover is quite purple and it looks great. Among the thorny borders there are little butterflies! They're too cute! I love this cover.
The Book:
First, I want to recommend that before reading The Iron Daughter and after reading The Iron King that you read the free (until July 31st) novella, Winter's Passage. (Which is quite great! It ended in a way that made me super eager for The Iron Daughter.)
Now. In this sequel, Meghan is stuck in the Winter Court. The poor girl! She has no friends. She can't trust anyone. Ash is acting as though he hates her, and maybe he does. The Iron Daughter takes this series to a new level for me. There are a few new characters and some that were only mentioned before like Ash's family: Queen Mab, and his brothers, Sage and Rowan. And of course, Meghan, Ash, Puck, and Grimalkin! Grim is still Grim. And he's still my favorite. I love that cat. Puck is still sick and in the tree as he was at the end of The Iron King and Meghan has no way to contact him or even find out if he's awakened while she's in the Winter Court. She is worried about him and, poor thing, can't even find out what's happening with him. It could be centuries before he wakes up. Meghan's journey and mission, if you will, in this story tests her in new ways and she even discovers a few things about herself that she didn't know before. It's a great growing experience for her and it's clear throughout that this entire journey will change her forever. It's awesome!

I highly recommend The Iron Fey, especially to fans of faeries. It's a great series and I can't wait for the final installment, The Iron Queen. I can't help but hope that there will be another novella in between!

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