Thursday, July 1, 2010

Night Star Cover!

Night Star is the fifth book in The Immortals Series by Alyson Noel. I recently finished reading Dark Flame. (I haven't written a review, but the book was awesome! Definitely better than Blue Moon and Shadowland, naturally not as good as Evermore - rarely is a sequel better than the first. But it was close! I LOVED it!)

Anyway, Night Star is set to hit stores November 16th! Alyson recently posted the cover for the novel on her blog here.

I like it! As expected, it fits with the previous four covers and its main color appears to be red! I just have to say that it looks awkward. I mean, she's "holding it out" but looking not at it. It almost looks like she is. But, whatever that awesome looking object is, she is looking behind it. And her arm looks awkward. I noticed this pretty quickly. Who knows, maybe she's not even supposed to be looking at it. But, I don't care! I still love this cover. That object is mesmerizing. Seriously, go back and look at it. Really look at it. It's giving off stars and stuff! Sort of. Anyway. I like this cover.



  1. It kind of looks like it's someone else's arm, if you know what I mean. Like the face is a person in the background, and the bottle/arm thing is in the extreme foreground and they're not connected. But it is pretty. I like the half-cartoon, half-photographic style of her, that's a really nice effect :)

  2. I agree. And if you look at the cover of Blue Moon it also looks like it's not really her arm, but almost as if it's supposed to be.
    Also, the cover of The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong looks funny as well.