Sunday, February 21, 2010

Attention! Change in URL

I am changing my URL! So any links to my blog will be broken. I'm changing it because does not tell anyone what my blog is. I am changing it to it's longer, but it works so much better! I'm changing it some time later tonight or tomorrow morning. (I'm waiting until a contest is over. ;P )

So, I'm sorry for any inconvenience, I've already updated my button. It has the new link in it. I'm going to change all my sidebars after I change the actual URL.

Thanks for understanding.



  1. Okay Molly dear, I fixed it!
    And I love your button(s) too - they're so colorful! Mine's so "bland" compared to yours :P

  2. Thank you! But I absolutely LOVE your button! I think it's adorable! And you don't have to worry about changing your layout because that will go with anything! (I prefer mine to match)

    I haven't changed the URL yet. I just want to make sure my entry has been received before I change it. I won't know until I find out who won! (I hope I won) haha!

  3. I changed it. I didn't win. Heh. Oh well. There are always other contests!