Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Series Meme

Okay, I have begun my own Meme. It's called Sunday Series. On Sundays I (and any bloggers who wish to participate) will post a blog post (redundant?) about the covers of a series or collection of books. (Like my first SS post about The Hunger Games Trilogy or it could be a bunch of books by an author like Nicholas Sparks. His books have similar covers).

Now, this all came about from an earlier post of mine about Fallen where I talked about the cover and how much I liked it and hoped the next book's (Torment) cover looks similar and is cohesive. I like my books to be cohesive.

So now, dear readers, I shall give you instructions:

Assuming I post one every week and you are planning to participate, you are to comment on my SS post of that week with a link to your post and a statement or two about what books you chose. Feel free to add anything else as you see fit.

Well, this is just so exciting. We'll have to see if it catches on!

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