Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Series

So, I've decided that every Sunday (or as often as I can) I will post the covers of a series and talk about them! I mentioned in a previous post about how I think it's really great (and important) when covers of books in a series are cohesive. And so, I'm going to show some that are and some that are not (if I can find any. Because I think, for the most part, they are cohesive.)

So to start of my new weekly meme (is it a meme? I don't know.) I am going to compare the three covers of The Hunger Games Trilogy. Why? Well, first, the cover of the upcoming and final HG book was revealed last week, I LOVE these covers, and The Hunger Games is one of my absolute favorite series. Ever.

The Hunger Games: This cover immediately caught my attention. I read the synopsis and thought, "Hmm...That sounds really interesting..." So I ordered it and had to wait until Christmas! It had still just come out. When I got it I looked at the cover in person and was happy to see it was shiny! YES! Shiny! And really smooth. I LOVE when book covers feel the way The Hunger Games feels.
I find that this cover represents the book well. It's dark which makes it feel dark which the book pretty much is. I mean, children fighting to the death on live television? Yeah, that's pretty dark. I love the placing of everything. The title is prominent and at the top so it's definitely noticed, even from far away on a bookshelf. Good choice. And then there is the mockingjay pin. Oh that pin. How I love thee. It's a pretty small thing in the book, but it's still so important. I think this was a great idea for the cover. Showing people on this would ruin it for me. Then I would picture the characters that way through the whole thing. This was a great cover choice. The mockingjay pin is totally unique. And I love the design it. They almost look like targets stemming from the pin. LOVE it!

Catching Fire: When I first saw the cover for Catching Fire, I was not disappointed! It keeps with the feel of the first one. There is the mockingjay pin, but this time the cover is brighter and RED! Which reminds me of The Girl that was On Fire! The pin is more detailed and the wings are more spread out this time. The mockingjay looks as if it is breaking free of the confines of the pin. Symbolism? It also appears that there is light coming out from it this time, as well as the targety design, but it's not surrounding the pin and it goes the opposite direction. I think this makes the two covers look really good next to each other.
I had to buy the Catching Fire pin from Borders. I couldn't NOT buy it!

Mockingjay: Wow! When I saw this cover I was ecstatic! Because now we adoring fans have a cover AND title to relate to the book. It is no longer The Hunger Games #3. It is Mockingjay! Many have pointed out how the cover colors progress from darker to light and also that the mockingjay on Mockingjay is spread out and seems free. Again, symbolism? I'd say so. The mockingjay is no longer encompassed in a circle and surrounded by targety images. The said targety looking design is totally underneath or behind the mockingjay. This cover instills hope in me and it looks as if the mockingjay is flying away! I really can't wait for Mockingjay to come out. I am greatly anticipating the finale of one of my absolute book series ever.

Overall Cohesiveness: This book series is most definitely cohesive as far as covers are concerned. I love these covers! They show the progression of the series in two ways. The colors and the image. I love that the same image is used.(At least I hope it's a progression symbolic of the story. Naturally, I don't know yet. Not until August 24th!)
It's the mockingjay which was significant to Katniss and so it is significant to the reader. The titles are all in the same font which I like as well. It'd look strange otherwise! The first two are a bit shiny and are smooth and I can only assume the third will be as well. I sure hope so. I love shiny books.

Mockingjay is set to be released August 24th 2010!


  1. Awesome new meme! I LOVE IT!
    And yes, it's a meme if you SAY it's a meme! Hoo-ya! :P

  2. Thank you! I'm going to come up with a picture/logo thing for it. Then it'll feel official. I'm excited about it actually. I like comparing book covers. Especially in series.

  3. This was a fun read!

    I personally really like to look at the colors. The first is dark, which is really the whole tone of the novel. Katniss is fighting and the reader feels a little uncomfortable being thrown into that world.

    Then, the second book, which is mainly red, but a little gold/yellow as well. To me, that symbolizes the darkness fading away and hope coming as they begin to fight back.

    The third with the blue...I can only speculate, but blue is a very hopeful color, and obviously the book is much lighter than the other two-maybe symbolizing a complete break with the government?

    I really like analyzing these covers. I'm looking forward to more!

  4. I'm glad you liked it! There is definitely a connection between the covers and the themes and overall goings on of the books. I LOVE that!

    And I agree with what you speculate on the MOCKINGJAY cover.

    So exciting!