Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prom Nights From Hell

It appears that HarperTeen has re-released Prom Nights From Hell with an all new cover! (right) This cover is very similar to the old one. (left) It has an open rose. The names of the authors on the top instead of the bottom. And I notice that the order of the names is different; this time, instead of Meg Cabot first, Stephenie Meyer is first AND has the line all to herself. Now, her names is long and possibly the longest. (I am not going to count letters. Sorry.) But, I wonder if there's a reason...I'm betting there is. As the author of Twilight, one of the best known books right now, I'd say, she's probably going to sell more books than the others. I mean, let's face it! I read this book before The Twilight Saga was everywhere. It was definitely known, but it was more of a cult thing. Not so much pop culture type thing. Anyway, I really like the new cover and I wonder if they'll go back and do new covers on the other books as well. I do believe this was the first, so it makes sense. I know that the newest one, Kisses from Hell, is similar to the old version. So who knows what this means? I like the old one as well, but I think this cover will sell more. It actually looks similar to the Twilight books...hmm. Red object in the center on a dark background. (This is gray; Twilight is black) and white lettering. Just another thought. And now I'm slightly disappointed in this cover.

I will probably be doing a Sunday Series meme on these covers some time. Probably closer to the release of Kisses from Hell.

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