Wednesday, February 10, 2010


author: Carrie Jones
published: January 5th 2010
series: Need (book #2)
publisher: Bloomsbury
format: hardcover
pages: 273
genre: fantasy

The following synopsis comes from Goodreads.

Zara and her friends knew they hadn't solved the pixie problem for good. Far from it. The king's needs grow deeper every day he's stuck in captivity, while his control over his people gets weaker. It's made him vulnerable. And now there's a new king in town.

A turf war is imminent, since the new pixie king, Astley, is moving in quickly. Nick nearly killed him in the woods on day one, but Zara came to his rescue. Astley swears that he and Zara are destined to be together, that he's one of the good guys. Nick isn't buying it, though Zara isn't as sure -- despite herself, she wants to trust the new king. But it's a lot more than her relationship with Nick that is at stake. It's her life -- and his.

My Thoughts:
The Cover:
I really like this cover; I think I like it more than the cover of Need. I think that, having read Captivate, the cover works really well with the story. It's beautiful!

The Book:
It took me a little while to finally get into it. I don't know why, because it was action packed from the beginning! But once I finally got into it I couldn't put it down. I read most of it in one day and throughly enjoyed where Carrie Jones took the characters.

I sort of wish I had reread Need because as I started reading Captivate, I found myself trying to remember what happened in Need and where it left off. I quickly began remembering things and even more as I read on, but it might have been beneficial to read Need again! (I try to do that with sequels)

Zara is forced to make important decisions that effect her future and the lives of others around her. She is selfless and tries to do everything for everyone else, which is admirable. She goes through so much in this book in so little time and it's amazing how she keeps herself together and ready to go the next step.

There are new characters introduced in Captivate that really add to feeling that things are changing. We also see a bit more of Mrs. Nix, whom I love dearly! Devyn and Issie are ever present and add a bit of normalcy to the story. Issie goes through things that are completely normal for teens! And that brings the reader back to the feeling that this story could happen. It's full of normal people going through paranormal events.

I feel that this was a good sequel. Not as good as Need, but definitely a great follow up, and even better set up for what is yet to come. Which there hopefully is something else coming, and soon.

Four out of five stars.

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