Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Series [2]

This week I'm comparing the covers in The Books of Faerie by Maggie Stiefvater.

The first of the series, Lament, has had two covers. The first one (above far left) was the original cover (October '08) and inside the book has pictures in the same style has the cover. They were really beautiful and I loved them.
The new cover (above middle)came out sometime in March or April of 2009 I believe. I'm not positive. I'm guessing from these posts on Maggie's blog, Words on Words. The new cover came about to go with the cover of Ballad (above far right)

Lament: The first cover is really cool because it has the pictures on the inside too! It's different than most covers because it's mostly grays with bits of red which really pop!
The second cover is great too. I full understand why they chose the clovers and the dagger. The dagger is actually shiny =D The clovers make perfect sense as they are a recurring item throughout Lament. It's great. I, personally, think that the second cover is more likely to get someone to stop and look in a store or online than the first.

Ballad: This cover also makes perfect sense. FIRE! It's a recurring item Ballad as clovers were in Lament. I really don't have much else to say on the subject of the cover except that I like it and it matches the second Lament cover.

I'm really glad that Flux decided to make a new cover for Lament. It's not that I didn't like the first cover, but if they're going to have a completely different type of cover for the sequel, then why not change it? The two (current) covers are definitely cohesive. And really, that's all I care about!

Maggie did a really cool mock up of what she would have liked for the cover of Ballad and it's pretty darn close to the actual cover. You can see that on her blog here.

Maggie has no plans at the moment to continue the series as she's finishing up the third book, Forever, in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series and her "secret project". Although, I believe I read in her FAQs that she does have other stories for them, they're just not going to be written yet. I really hope she continues with the characters of The Books of Faerie.

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